We tell stories and share photos of people who are experiencing homelessness with the simple purpose of showing the beauty in each person. For those living inside, this serves as a soft entry to the issue of homelessness. It is a small step toward overcoming the barriers of negative stereotypes and fear. For those living outside, it is a first step toward overcoming feelings of being invisible. It creates a connection to community and resources. Please join the 50,000 people who follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and help create the community you want to live in.


The Window of Kindness

The Window of Kindness is a physical place of connection between our office and an alley frequented by people experiencing homelessness. At the window, we hand out thousands of socks, sleeping bags and other supplies essential to staying dry and warm. People often stop by for conversation and a listening ear. Everything we give is a vehicle for love and connection. The Window of Kindness is a metaphor for the opportunities we each have to exchange kindness with those in need.


We invite you to come to our office on a Friday for a time of open sharing and discussion. Our office is a safe place of non judgement and we welcome anyone who wants to learn more, has questions, is seeking guidance, or simply wants to come closer. Please call or email in advance to schedule a time that works for you!


The BLOCK Project

The BLOCK Project is a community building project for all, and a sustainable housing initiative for those living unsheltered. It invites community into the task of ending homelessness by placing a small home in the backyard of residential lots, with a vision to build one BLOCK Home on every residential block in Seattle. Many social injustices, including homelessness, are perpetuated through emotional and physical separation, which allows us to get stuck on the complexity of the issue. By literally saying, "Yes, in my backyard", we shift the paradigm. We bring relationship into the center of our lives and communities The BLOCK Project represents an innovative leap forward on the issues of homelessness, cross-class integration, sustainable living, and architectural design. We believe it will nurture the compassion needed to power a grassroots movement to end homelessness.

To learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved, please visit our BLOCK Project site.


The Cities Project

We imagine a world where every person in every city is touched by the message of love shared by Facing Homelessness. What began as a photojournalism project here in Seattle has become the impetus of a global movement toward ending homelessness. Local organizers throughout America and beyond have begun identifying a need for Facing Homelessness sites in their cities. There are now sites in more than 10 cities in 2 continents, each operated by a local, compassionate site administrator.

To learn more about bringing this project to your community, contact Sarah Steilen.


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