Our programs are designed to bring people closer, reduce fear of the unknown, and build our capacity for compassion. Each one is an entry point. Each a doorway for community members to contribute their unique passions and skills to end homelessness.



We tell stories and share photos of people who are experiencing homelessness with the simple purpose of showing the beauty in each person. For those living inside, this serves as a soft entry to the issue of homelessness. It is a small step toward overcoming the barriers of negative stereotypes and fear. For those living outside, it is a first step toward overcoming feelings of being invisible. It creates a connection to community and resources. Please join the 50,000 people who follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and help create the community you want to live in.


The Window of Kindness

The Window of Kindness is a physical place of connection between community members and people experiencing homelessness. The healing power of listening and connecting extends to everyone who participates.

At the window, our volunteers hand out thousands of socks, gloves, snacks, sleeping bags, and other supplies essential to staying dry and warm. But people often come for a cup of hot chocolate, conversation, and a listening ear. Everything we give is a vehicle for kindness and human connection. Every connection is a reminder that we all live better when we feel loved.



People living outside are regularly “swept” from where they are staying, asked to move along with nowhere to go. We gather volunteers to remove trash from encampments, offering an easy entry point for people to get involved and make a difference, and helping to alleviate the tension that often builds surrounding encampments.


The BLOCK Project


We build homes for those living on the streets, and we take a bold stand: We will never end homelessness through housing alone. A new approach is needed, one that acknowledges that relationships are the building blocks for healing our communities and that we can no longer see those who are homeless as ‘other’. This bold new model invites all of us to step forward with our own abilities to create societal change. To learn more about this initiative and how you can get involved, please visit our BLOCK Project site.

The BLOCK Project’s approach to the issue of homelessness is:

INTEGRATED | By building homes for those experiencing homelessness in residential backyards, the BLOCK Project fosters cross-class integration and social inclusion.

SUSTAINABLE | BLOCK Homes are designed to achieve the highest standard for sustainability in the built environment (Living Building Challenge).

SUPPORTED | We create an intentional network of support for each resident, including professional social services, thoughtfully matched hosts, and engaged neighbors.

AFFORDABLE | The BLOCK Project makes use of the free, available property and leverages the community’s desire to get involved to dramatically reduce the cost of housing.

DIGNIFIED | BLOCK Homes are permanent, sophisticated dwelling units designed to provide stability for residents as they define and achieve success.