Use Your Passion and Skills

We encourage people to connect to those experiencing homelessness in the same way we connect with others in our lives: through engaging our interests, passions and talents. Getting involved in this personal way makes room for meaningful relationships, which we believe is the recipe for ending homelessness. The task is not to solve complex social systems or to fix someone’s situation. The task is to begin. To JUST SAY HELLO. To connect with someone through a shared interest. By doing this, the most profound change you will see is in yourself. In these moments of connection, you join the solution for ending homelessness.

Below are simple suggestions and inspiring examples of how you can get involved, no matter where you’re at in your journey. We also invite you to sign up as a volunteer by visiting our volunteer hub on TimeCounts.


Begin your journey

  • Join Facing Homelessness for a Window of Kindness Training and meet neighbors living outside.

  • Share a smile.

  • When you buy a coffee, purchase a $5 gift card. It gives a menu item of choice, access to a restroom, and shelter from the weather.

  • Carry socks in your car for those in need.

  • Follow us on Facebook to learn about upcoming opportunities to engage!

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journeys that have made a difference

  • A firefighter learned that a young man experiencing homelessness had an aspiration of becoming a firefighter, and mentored him through earning his GED, passing EMT training, and getting his first job.

  • A stylist invited massage therapists, acupuncturists, and pet groomers to join her on an afternoon committed to the personal care of people living homeless.

  • A pastry chef bakes hundreds of cupcakes and delivers them to people living outside on Valentine’s Day.


Other Ways TO participate