Sample Message

Feel free to use the following messaging when creating your donation page:

Facing Homelessness invites all of us to come closer, to reach out  and to create caring, human connection with people experiencing homelessness and with one another. The programs are designed to bring people into connection, reduce fear of the unknown, and build our capacity for compassion which leads to action. The aim is to truly humanize homelessness because when we see someone we know suffering, we’re more willing to act. 

All donations will go directly towards the window of kindness. At the window, volunteers hand out thousands of socks, gloves, snacks, sleeping bags, and other supplies essential to staying dry and warm and your donation will help to supply these items. People also often come for a cup of hot chocolate, conversation, and a listening ear. Everything given is a vehicle for kindness and human connection. Every connection is a reminder that we all live better when we feel loved.