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Two weeks ago we made the long-shot ASK for a used van for our friend Dzy who experiences chronic homelessness. He's worried about the approaching nasty winter weather.

Almost immediately Lydia Sigo let us know her sister Kristen and her brother-in-law Landon had decided they wanted to give Dzy their van, just like that, wowWOW!!

Lydia drove the van from Bainbridge Island to meet us early Saturday morning at the University License Agency. When Dzy saw the van he smiled soBIG! Lydia had sewn curtains for the windows, put a mattress and blankets inside and included a little buddy heater with about (6) propane bottles and a carbon monoxide sensor. Oh yeah, they also installed a new car battery, just cuz!

You know when you meet those people in your life that you can tell instantly they are pureKINDNESS, even before they lift one little finger, that is Lydia! She's honestly totally WONDERFULLY KIND!

Lydia and her friend Bryna also come to Seattle regularly to do outreach, handing out clothing and food collected from their community to give to those struggling on our streets.

I asked her how it is that she has so much compassion for those in need? Lydia replied, "We come from the Suquamish tribal community and an important part of our culture is the potlatch. Potlatch is a ceremony where we share our abundance with our community, our neighbors, our family and friends. In our Coast Salish tribal way, wealth is shown by what you give, not by what your keep for yourself. Being good hosts in our traditional lands is one of our cultural values and that's why it's important for my community to give back to those experiencing homelessness. Our tribal communities know what it is like to live in poverty and we want to lift up our most vulnerable neighbors and show them that they're loved."

A heartfelt THANK YOU Lydia, Kristen and Landon for your beautiful act of kindness towards Dzy and your beautiful loving message of lifting up our most vulnerable neighbors.

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A QUIET THOUGHT - If you're moved by the goodness of this community, please visit and click on the 'donate' button and consider a "monthly recurring" donation of just $5 in support of the work. THANK YOU!
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John's way is a quiet one. You feel it immediately, slipping into his calmer space. You'll also feel a gentle smile of gratitude for his respectful view of life. He's a really good man.

John grew up in New York, came to Seattle in 1983, worked on oceangoing freighters and tugs for years, has been through the inside passage to Alaska more than 140 times.

Western Pioneer, which has closed down, was his favorite company to work for, was there for about 15 years. Just talking about the memories brought a beautiful smile to his face. Long trips taking cargo north and bringing frozen fish back to Seattle, including spending many Winter Solstices on the polar icecap. You could instantly see a change come over John when sharing about those moments, he said, "You can't believe how beautiful it is up there, the light, the scenery, the wildlife, everything really!"

After years of work, John's ankles gave out, couldn't hold up to the demands. That was 14 years ago, he's been homeless since, living all of that time in his van.

During fruit picking season he heads to Eastern Washington, works as much as he can, saves every penny to make it through the off-season. By living with nothing he's able to stretch the dollars through the year.

One hardship he has is having to move his van every 72 hours to avoid impound. When in Seattle it's the only time he drives, it's the only reason he needs to purchase gas. For everything else, he walks.

John is hoping to head back to Easter Washington for a last pick of the year, he could use gas-money for the trip. We are hoping to raise $200 for him to purchase gas-cards. Please help if you can.

UPDATE: The Paypal link has been pulled in that our goal of raising $200 has been reached with $595.23 donated, wowWOW!! John will be blown away and ever so grateful. THANK YOU to everyone that has reached out with this love and support! No funds go directly to John in the form of cash, all funds will be used for gas-cards for John. As is always the case, no funds go to Facing Homelessness. So much LOVE to you John!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you John for your friendship and your beautiful way in the world, sending a community size LOVE to you.

A QUIET THOUGHT - If you're moved by the goodness of this community, please visit and click on the 'donate' button and consider a "monthly recurring" donation of just $5 in support of the work. THANK YOU!
#Kindness #FacingHomelessness #JustSayHello