Over the last week I must have heard ten times something about summer being over, comments like, "You can feel the season changing, it's in the air, summer is gone, winter will be here soon." Or simply, "How was your summer?"

For the homeless this is no small thing. It adds a serious layer of complexity to surviving. In the chronically homeless you can feel it, they begin to hunker down, they know what's coming. Wind and rain. Storms that soak everything through and through, including the cold ground. Wet socks are worn for days. Then there is the darkness. People that shared a smile on warmer days, now rush past without saying hello, without looking up. The cold is everywhere.

Dzy is chronically homeless, he lives in a tent but is having a tough time imagining another winter. For the first time I can see he's worried.

I love Dzy, for lots of reasons. He has a warmth in his voice and also in his views of the world around him. He's always kind, even in the middle of his suffering. There are times when I ask him difficult questions and I'll say, "I hope you don't mind me asking?" He'll reply with something like, "No, not at all, I know you love me."

I am making an ask of our community for a beat-up broken down van, one that Dzy can live in through the winter. It just has to be able to move a block or two every 72 hours to avoid impound. I know this would mean the world to him, to have some shelter going into the approaching winter.

A big community size LOVE to you Dzy, you are a beautiful person through and through.

Fremont neighborhood | Rex

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