Two weeks ago we made the long-shot ASK for a used van for our friend Dzy who experiences chronic homelessness. He's worried about the approaching nasty winter weather.

Almost immediately Lydia Sigo let us know her sister Kristen and her brother-in-law Landon had decided they wanted to give Dzy their van, just like that, wowWOW!!

Lydia drove the van from Bainbridge Island to meet us early Saturday morning at the University License Agency. When Dzy saw the van he smiled soBIG! Lydia had sewn curtains for the windows, put a mattress and blankets inside and included a little buddy heater with about (6) propane bottles and a carbon monoxide sensor. Oh yeah, they also installed a new car battery, just cuz!

You know when you meet those people in your life that you can tell instantly they are pureKINDNESS, even before they lift one little finger, that is Lydia! She's honestly totally WONDERFULLY KIND!

Lydia and her friend Bryna also come to Seattle regularly to do outreach, handing out clothing and food collected from their community to give to those struggling on our streets.

I asked her how it is that she has so much compassion for those in need? Lydia replied, "We come from the Suquamish tribal community and an important part of our culture is the potlatch. Potlatch is a ceremony where we share our abundance with our community, our neighbors, our family and friends. In our Coast Salish tribal way, wealth is shown by what you give, not by what your keep for yourself. Being good hosts in our traditional lands is one of our cultural values and that's why it's important for my community to give back to those experiencing homelessness. Our tribal communities know what it is like to live in poverty and we want to lift up our most vulnerable neighbors and show them that they're loved."

A heartfelt THANK YOU Lydia, Kristen and Landon for your beautiful act of kindness towards Dzy and your beautiful loving message of lifting up our most vulnerable neighbors.

University District neighborhood | Rex

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