It's Sunday morning. You wake up slowly around 8:30ish, you wiggle in bed for a short bit, enjoy a cup of coffee, a lazy breakfast. At 9:45 you sneak in 20 minutes of yoga and during "picking up litter" pose, you say to yourself, "Hey, wait, I don't need to pretend to pick up litter, I can join the wonderful folks taking part in the Community CleanUP today!"

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This Sunday will be our 12th cleanUP, having already picked up over 600 hefty-size bags of garbage, around 13,000 needles, and artfully performed an uncountable number of stretching yoga poses!

And, and, get this - IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you can join us this Sunday, 10:30-12:30 at 701 James Street, which is at the east side of I-5. We'll be gathering at the corner under the trees.

A heartfelt THANKS to everyone that came to cleanUP #11, here are some of the photos!

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A QUIET THOUGHT - If you're moved by the goodness of this community, please visit and click on the 'donate' button and consider a "monthly recurring" donation of just $5 in support of the work. THANK YOU!
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