There is no reason for us to be spectators in the face of homelessness when we hold the most important tool for healing, and that is loving.

We can begin by first seeing the homelessness crisis as a symptom of a larger crisis ­­— a community crisis. This is an important distinction. When we say “homelessness crisis,” we look at those people over there as the “other,” as something needing to be “fixed. When we say “community crisis,” we include ourselves. This fundamentally changes our relationship to the issue. It now involves us.

As we begin to come closer to those in need, beautiful new pathways naturally open. Solutions we could not see before, hidden behind our barriers, suddenly become obvious and achievable. When we “Just Say Hello,” we become less overwhelmed by the larger issue and more understanding, more genuinely loving, of the individual. In this moment of seeing the person, we join the solution for ending homelessness.

For more thoughts on this, please read the Opinion Editorial I wrote for this week's Real Change newspaper.


We must remove the barriers around homelessness. Not those that the homeless experience in their struggles, but rather our own. When we say “she is lazy” or “he is choosing to be homeless” or any number of other negative stereotypes without getting to know that person, we are hearing our own barriers. Looking there first is the hard work of ending homelessness. Perhaps this is why it has been so difficult to accomplish. But we can change that.

Like Blair Jordan has in getting to know Michael and his best friend dog Daisy or an uncountable number of other regular ordinary people providing simple beautiful acts of kindness to those in need.

Sure there will be those that talk about enabling, or that folks need to pull themselves up by their own boot-straps, or that laws are being broken, and on and on. Fine, let's have those conversations, but regardless of the view or position taken on this issue, there is never a reason to withhold kindness. Never.

A community size LOVE to all those that silently and beautifully provide service to those that are struggling. Thank you.

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A QUIET THOUGHT - If you're moved by the goodness of this community, please visit http://www.facinghomelessness.org/ and click on the 'donate' button and consider a "monthly recurring" donation of just $5 in support of the work. THANK YOU!
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