I really resisted writing about the 'Seattle is Dying' video, but in the end, the hurt felt and being expressed by folks living homeless was just too great to not make a comment.

I believe it is safe to say: 1. There is an addiction problem. 2. Crime is not acceptable. 3 The police and our justice system must function. 4. Mental health awareness and services are severely lacking. 5. Available and affordable housing is severely lacking. 6. Garbage is not acceptable.

The list could go on. The common ground that we all share as citizens of Seattle is wide and deep and beautiful when we work to find it. We lose sight of our common ground when issues are presented in a way that divides us.

This is what 'Seattle is Dying' did. It took the mentioned truths above and created a narrative that divided further an already emotionally hurt community on this issue. It painted a picture that dehumanized and unfairly categorized.

YES to everyone in this city that is frustrated with the homelessness crisis and is looking for systems solutions, your voice is heard and wanted. YES to everyone that leans forward with compassion and is looking to humanize the issue, your voice is heard and wanted. YES to our police officers, to our fire-fighters, to our politicians, our judges and lawyers, to our city workers, our business owners, building owners and residents, which includes those living inside and out.

If we want to live in community we must act in community, we must work together for solutions, not against one another for victories.

Whether 'Seattle is Dying' resonated with you or whether it upset you, the next step for all of us is the same, to come closer, to take part in the solution with an open heart and open mind. Every person here, no matter if they live inside or out, is welcome and deserves our LOVE.

Please watch Tomasz Beirnacki's film, "Trickle Down Town", found on his web-page -

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