It is difficult to discuss youth homelessness, to hear the numbers of those living on the streets away from family, those that are suffering from anxiety or other mental health issues, those that aged out of the Foster Care system never finding home, or those that did not graduate from high school and are wondering where they fit in, or on and on. It is enough to make your beautiful brain hurt.

But sit with somebody that is in their teens or early 20's that is is homeless and your brain will not only hurt, but your heart will want to burst. You will go home, sit down, and cry.

It is important to know that nobody chooses to be homeless. It is important to know that rather than a choice being involved, something happened to this person that set them on a path towards homelessness. You may not know the reason, you may never know the reason, but you can be sure that this person knows it, lives with it, constantly.

Nobody chooses homelessness because homelessness is suffering, and nobody chooses suffering. Nobody ever chooses suffering.

Chris and his girlfriend Bana are living homeless along I-5, they were in need of a new tent, and if possible, a guitar. Both were provided by kind people in this community. So much kindness.

Kindness cannot be overstated or overemphasized in the conversation on homelessness. Kindness is what provides HOPE to those in need, and HOPE is everything for those that have nothing.

Chris and Bana you are BEAUTIFUL together!!! A heartfelt thank you for sharing your beauty with us. LOVE to you,

Downtown Seattle neighborhood | Rex

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