All the Community CleanUPs end the same way, with everyone feeling amazed and proud of the transformation that just took place, it is a wowWOW every single time!!

If you are looking for something beautiful to do in community with a bunch of kind thoughtful people, then come join what is usually a group of 30 or so folks wanting to make a difference.

The immediate goal of each cleanUP is to make new friends, with those living inside and outside, through the joy of picking up litter! You might laugh, but it is crazy enjoyable to pick up litter, filling that immediate gratification bucket!

The long-term goal is to beautifully cleanUP our city and compassionately step forward to stop the sweeps! Sweeping is for garbage, not people suffering to survive.

If you are interested, the next cleanUP is September 22, 2019 from 10:30-12:30 at James Street and I-5, at the east side of the freeway. You can get more details and sign up here:

This will be our eleventh Community CleanUP, makes me smile so big just typing that, knowing all the beauty and friendships that have come from the first ten!

See you SUNDAY!!!

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A QUIET THOUGHT - If you're moved by the goodness of this community, please visit and click on the 'donate' button and consider a "monthly recurring" donation of just $5 in support of the work. THANK YOU!
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