– Our Mission –


There is a universal need for connection. Everyone has hopes, likes and dislikes, stories, histories, and futures, but we are divided by labels. We set out to overcome these labels by putting Seattleites on a first name basis. Through a classic game with an unusual twist, people stepped out of their comfort zones, got to know their neighbors, and made connections they hadn’t expected.


How it works

Making an introduction and meeting a new person can be intimidating. We chose Jenga to be an icebreaker because it is well known and it is easy to play. It became a catalyst for introductions between neighbors. To get people talking we placed questions on the blocks for them to answer themselves, ask their neighbor, or answer together. It became more than just a game, but a metaphor for how an introduction and some simple questions can help us break down barriers and get to know our neighbors. Questions ranged from fun to personal, each helping to spark a conversation.


For example:

What do you value most in a friendship?
What 3 words describe you best?
What would you change in your past?
Where is your favorite place?
Have you ever had any pets?
Who is your favorite sports team?

It starts with a name

final pin.png

But it didn’t end when the blocks fell. At the end of each game, both players received a pin with a signature line to sign their name on. They exchanged pins as a memento of the connection and experience they shared. It’s a symbol of the importance of what can come from a simple introduction, and a reminder to seize every opportunity for more.

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