Involve your Business

Here are a few examples of how some some local business owners have been involved.

Auctions & Raffles

Likelihood is a high-end shoe boutique in Capitol Hill run by Aaron DelGuzzo and Dan Carlson. After reaching out to us and finding out that we were in need of backpacks, they decided to host an auction in which consumers were asked to bring in a backpack in exchange for a raffle ticket. Customers could then bring in a pair of gloves for up to two additional tickets. Following the auction, they were able to gather 36 large bags filled with backpacks and gloves to be given out at the Window. 


Each year, the owner of the local Basque eatery, Harvest Vine, hosts a fundraiser by selling tarts to her patrons. All of the proceeds from her sales are generously donated directly to Facing Homelessness.


Are you part of a big company that wants to get involved with Facing Homelessness and help work towards solving the homelessness issue in Seattle? Does your company match your donations 1:1? If so, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to host a “Learn and Lunch” session for your organization in which we will share about Facing Homelessness, our mission, and our latest campaign.