Event Inspirations

To kick start your inspiration, here are some event ideas that other community members have hosted!

Creative with Cookies

Are you part of a Girl Scout troop? Local Girl Scout troops have asked if patrons would be willing to buy one extra box to be donated to Facing Homelessness. Over the past five years, the Window of Kindness has had the privilege of receiving 812 Girl Scout cookie boxes.

Drives and Partnerships

Reaching out and making connections can go a long way! A middle school student wanted to make a difference after visiting the Window. When she found out that socks were incredibly important for those living outside, she decided to collect pairs around her school district and town. She also wrote to Bombas and Stridelines Socks, which resulted in a partnership between Bombas and Facing Homelessness.

Birthday Donation Party

Make your party count! One community member decided to host a donation drive for her 70th Bday party. Rather than accepting gifts, she asked folks to consider supporting Facing Homelessnes. We provided her with everything she needed to create a simple display with informative materials and a donation box. Donations trickled in long after the party. This was an extraordinary gift to our organization!