facing homelessness

building a new awareness about our relationship to homelessness

My name is Rex Hohlbein.


I began the Facebook page ‘Facing Homelessness’ in March of 2011 with the simple thought of telling something beautiful about each person living on the street.


Each story included a dignified portrait asking the viewer to see the person rather than the issue of homelessness. The hope was to re-brand homelessness in a way that allowed us to see the beauty we all have.


In a very short time a community of compassion formed that profoundly challenged the negative stereotype against homelessness.


When you take the time to get to know someone that is homeless you can break through negativity; you can see that person's true beauty and open your compassion to create a new connection of friendship.


The amazing thing is that this connection will transform you.


Our belief is that through these transformations we can then change how we as a community face and resolve the issue of homelessness.


October 2013