facing homelessness

building a new awareness about our relationship to homelessness




"Just Say Hello"


Our community is building a new awareness about our relationship to homelessness and to each other.


When confronted with the complexities and hardships of life lived on the street we often find ourselves overwhelmed and left feeling at a loss for what to do.


When we turn away from each of those moments, we deny our compassion, isolate ourselves, and quietly reinforce the negative stereotype against those living on our streets.


It does not have to be this way. As a community of compassion we can face homelessness by choosing to see the beauty of person in front of us rather than the issue that overwhelms us. We can give empathy a voice, trusting in our own creativity and compassion to find the answer that fits each moment of interaction.


“Just Say Hello”


We can begin by simply acknowledging those suffering, trusting that we are all the same, all wanting to love and be loved. When we take the time to listen to another person’s journey, we begin the process of turning a stranger into a friend and opening our compassion for another human being.


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