facing homelessness

building a new awareness about our relationship to homelessness


When saying hello to someone living on the street, or taking a moment with a friend in need, or whenever your empathy opens you to listen to the struggle of others, you are sharing of your beautiful self.


Time is precious and easily the most meaningful thing we can give to each other. Please consider how you might partner with Facing Homelessness to find your own way to share time.



We all have resources, both material items acquired and skills learned. Some of us have more and some less, but when we have more than we need, we can make the world a better place by sharing.


Facing Homelessness encourages direct giving as a means for connecting with each other and in-turn building a healthier community. Let us know who you are and how you would like to share your resources.



In building a new awareness about our relationship to the issue of homelessness, we are making a profound difference in how we all see and treat each other.


If you believe in the positive changes being made by this organization, please support our budget needs with a financial contribution.